Football Scarf – Wearing the Colours of Your Favourite Team

Most football fans love to display their allegiance to a favourite team by wearing the colours of the team in question. Often dressed in colourful shirts and hats, singing ket qua bong da songs from the stands, supporters certainly make the atmosphere at each and every match. The football scarf is another essential component of the soccer fan’s dress code, especially (although not exclusively) during the cold months of winter.

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First and foremost, a scarf can protect fans from the bitter winter chills. Most modern football stadiums are now all seated, so there is little opportunity for supporters to jump around and huddle together on terraces like they would have done in years gone by, so a nice, thick scarf can often protect from the worst of the shivers. Of course the half time cup of tea will help too!

Football scarves are actually becoming increasingly popular, not just as a material banner with which to claim allegiance to your team but also as an item of fashion. You no longer have to purchase a football scarf that has team logos emblazoned across its length.

You can be much more subtle and simply choose a scarf that tastefully blends the colours of your team into the scarf, whether it is the red and white of someone like Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal or the sky blue and white of teams like Manchester City or the deeper blue of a Chelsea, Reading or QPR.

These more fashion conscious, designer football scarves can easily be worn at the match but also perhaps on a winter’s shopping trip with your partner or down at the local pub in the evening. It means you can show support for your team by wearing the colours as often as you like! Some of the more upmarket scarves are made from high quality materials such as Saxony wool or cashmere. This helps to make the scarf really durable and there are no concerns about team logos running or fading after washing.

That’s the real beauty of a designer football scarf, it’s multi-faceted. Support your team, keep warm, look good and feel good all at the same time, whether you are male or female. The fact that there are no logos present means that they look both masculine and feminine, depending on the wearer.

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